Interactive State Fair ?

So an interesting opportunity came up during Portfolio Night at MATC, when we were showing off our Interactive Display projects up on a Projector. One of the industry professionals stopped by and really like what we had accomplished. I have been pondering whether or not I should get together with a few of the team mates and set up a display here. It would require MATC to let us use some of the equipment we had used during portfolio night. I think it'd be pretty cool, and it would be totally awesome to design something for people to interact with at State Fair. Probably get free tickets! I think if it wasn't for me and my other developer buddy both weren't getting married here soon, we just might have done it. But, when I go to the State Fair this year, I am definitely intrigued and will stop by the exhibit to check it out!

On another note, during Portfolio night as well, I got another connection at my dream job company, Blizzard. One of my Online Instructors had stopped by my booth, and complimented me on my Overwatch hat that I was wearing. We began to talk, and she had mentioned that a long time friend and ex co-worker works for Blizzard now, and gave me his name. Now he's another LinkedIN connection that I have that works for Blizzard! 8D So excited! But ... Got to keep on working hard and doing everything I can to keep my development skills strong, and polishing up my portfolio here, my resume, and my LinkedIN! Forward .... MARCH!

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