Another Day Bites the Dust

So another day, another dollar. Had to Bar close tonight. Gotta pay those bills. I can not WAIT for the day I don't have to serve another table or bartend again and become a full time game developer. lol. Breathe in ....... Breathe out ........

Started the day off a little late as I was up pretty late again last night, updating my schedule and task board. I have also been using this app on my Galaxy Note 5 which let's me take a picture of a business card, and creates a contact list for you. Its called CamCard. Now I don't have to have a 1,000 cards laying around anymore. Great app that I wish I knew about before I started marketing like crazy. Now I can just snap a photo, and boom, got their business card and information saved. It can be time consuming if you have tons of business cards to input into it. Although it try's to auto-populate the contacts information, it doesn't always get all the information right, especially if the card is hard to read. Which isn't the biggest deal in the world because it still saves the picture of the business card. It will be great to have for any future marketing adventures, as it will be a quick way to get peoples contact info into my Contact list. Click their logo image below to check em' out!

Now that I have been up till 5 in the morning after work trying to get this essay completed that is due tomorrow for my Summer Class. It's time for bed. >.<

Like I mentioned the other day, this means I am officially, DONE, with college. For now. lol. Who know's. One thing for sure though is I will always be learning and teaching myself as technology will always continue to grow, especially the gaming industry.

Until I wake up .... I'll post more progress here tomorrow of some other exciting updates that happened today, along with what I am up too for tomorrow.

BrewCityGamer OUT ... lol

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