Back to the Digital Life

Hello my fellow gamers!

Been another crazy day in the world of BrewCityGamer!

As I had mentioned previously there has been some pretty exciting news that I was waiting to announce until Forever Interactive had the opportunity to get it out there.

Visions of Zosimos has officially been Greenlit on Steam!

I know that I have since moved from Forever Interactive over to Raid+ Interactive, but I still find it a HUGE accomplishment as I did work on this game for nearly 3 years. Kudos to all the developers and my friends over at Forever Interactive! It's always great to see other developers in the Milwaukee area getting some success. Every developers victory is everyone's victory. The more attraction we can bring to Milwaukee's video game development reputation is always good for every local indie developer in the area. Really excited for Forever Interactive with their trip to Gen Con 2016 after being Greenlit on Steam! Keep up the great work guys!

Besides the boring life of me Bartending today, here's a little of what I accomplished towards my journey to becoming the ultimate game developer!

All the business cards I had lying around are now updated to my CamCard app. Now I can access my contacts information from any device at anytime and I don't have to carry all those cards around!

I have officially decided it was time for me to get full force back into the Digital World!

I took my Post-It note Task Tracker board and Printed out Calendar down, and moved everything to my own personal Trello Board, and Google Calendar. While school was in session, writing things down made it easier for me to remember and keep track of everything. Now that school is out of the picture and I need to get back into the Social Media swing of things as the Raid+ Marketing and Community Manager, I believe that keeping track digitally will help me keep on Social Media a little better. I can get ADD real quick if I don't maintain some sort of task tracker and calendar. lol

Got familiar with and tied into all Raid+'s social media account as well as did some cleaning up and minor administrative work on our email, Instagram, and Twitter accounts today. I realized we have a Developer's Blog that was last posted in last month, re-tweeted it, and now plan on adding the Dev Blog on my to-do list to update. Thinking about having a different Dev each week required to do a Dev Blog post. That way the viewer gets a variety of different emphasis's each week of the Raid+ Development World. Either way, I have the full permission from my Boss to take full control of Marketing and ask the Developers for anything and everything when I need it. Time to start getting serious.

Raid+ Showing of Alpha State of upcoming game in Unity3D.  
"The guards are always watching...probably."
Click on the image above to take you to our Instagram page! Don't forget to follow us! :)

Also have been in email communication regarding an exciting Event coming up that Raid+ is running! Stay tuned in for more on that! :)

Going to be going over to our COO / Programmer's house this Sunday for our weekly meeting to discuss our future marketing plans and for some more contract documentation stuff. Always love going to Dane's house! :) 

And on top of all of this, I am still trying to get as much Wedding planning and wedding tasks done as possible as we are on currently less than a month away! >.< I can't wait to get married. I love my fiance. I just can't understand why Weddings have to be so damn stressful. I am looking forward to finally getting married to the love of my life, don't get me wrong. But I can't wait for all the stress to be gone that comes with the planning and family drama part. Lol. So much more free time will open up for me after the wedding to focus on my career and Raid+, it's going to be a great rest of the year!

Time to shut down for the night! Until next time...


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