Bucket List Item - Check and Check!

So I was looking for a few weeks for something similar to this as a present for my Fiance's birthday. She is going to school and works as a Vet Tech, so being able to play with baby Tiger's has always been a dream of hers, as well as one of my bucketlist items.

So I found this place in Indiana who was holding this fundraiser in order to raise money to help take care of the exotic animals on this guys rehabilitation preserve called Wildlife in Need.

Here is the description of the event:

 "Imagine the opportunity to be up close and personal with some of the world's most rare and exotic animals. Get ready to learn what this organization is all about and what makes Wildlife in Need so special. You will be educated on Tiligers and Liligers. You will have the opportunity to interact with some of the most magestic creatures on Earth. If you've been before, it's a must to come back because you will meet even more of our Ambassadors than you ever imagined, which may include our 5 new Tiger babies, 2 Tiliger babies, our new Liliger, Wolves, many kinds of Monkeys, Porcupines, Binterongs, Lemurs, Jackals, Otters, Red River Hog, Foxes, Sloths, Anteaters and Birds."

Pretty cool right!

We made a road-trip out of it. Stopped in Indianapolis and went to a place that was on Diner's, Drive In's and Dive's. It was DELICIOUS! Then stopped to have a local brew, and headed on to the tigers.

Well it was, and it was even better than I thought! We spent 3 hours there playing with all kinds of exotic animals, got to feed a baby Tiliger, and so much more. The owner of the place made the experience even better as he was hilarious and an ex Army sniper. His attitude was priceless. Great guy and obviously is extremely passionate about taking care of his animals.

Anyways, enjoy the photo's!

Yes ... Wendy's This is where we stopped to get some food at the beginning of our trip. Why did I take a picture, because they served BREAKFAST! I didn't know Wendy's served breakfast! I guess it's only at certain locations, and compared to the other fast foot breakfast, this was actually really good. Check it out sometime.

Also check out these Video links!

Video #1 - Me Feeding a Baby Tiliger!

Video #2 - Baby Tigers following the owner around!

Video #3 - Susie (my fiance) playing with a baby Tiger!