Gotta Do What Ya Preach

So I promised myself that I would start making a post once a day here while I continue my journey into the game development world, all while bringing you along for the ride! This helps me reflect upon the things I have learned and helps me keep on track.

Plus I can show people that I am not crazy and how busy my life actually is .... >.<

So these past couple days have been delayed due randomly having the opportunity to get a new office desk, compliments of my fiance's work. They were remodeling one of their locations and were giving away a bunch of office furniture. My fiance asked if I wanted this desk, and I couldn't pass it up. I knew how much of a pain in the ass it would be to re-organize my room, equipment, and my little mini office, but it was well worth it!

This will have to be as good as it gets for now, but this is my new office, check er' out!

Next step:
1.) Buy new TV for Office. For consoles, Netflix, and my Nexus Player.
2.) Purchase nice Microphone for streaming and set up my GoPro as a Camera for Streaming.

So besides that. since the last time I posted I have been getting myself back into the social media marketing swing of things with my new position at Raid+ Interactive as the Marketing and Community Manager. I have been getting tied into all the social media accounts, making spreadsheets, going over the Marketing Outline that was given to me, getting access to all the accounts, and getting prepared for a big local event that I will be announcing in the future :). Other than that, we use Get to Done as our project management tool, and I have got most of my story's and task's up for marketing. Will need to make sure I continually update that on a daily basis, as I will be doing many odds and ends tasks throughout the day on a week to week basis. Social media is crazy like that, lol. We are going to be hitting YouTube hard here soon in the coming months, so I have got to get started on implementing our Marketing Strategy and get everything ready.

Raid+ Interactive meeting. We go outside when it's nice, cause yeah. \m/ >.< \m/

Today I had to spend my afternoon getting my summer classes assignment turned in. Yes, I did already technically "graduate", but they let me walk, I just needed 1 more English class. Luckily I was able to take it over the summer and have my both of my degrees sent to me by October. So currently I am in my last week of "summer" school, and will be OFFICIALLY done with College (for now) as of this Friday! Woot Woot!

Also today, the organization I am apart of, now as an Alumni, Mothership posted up a VERY interesting opportunity here locally in MKE!

"MATC Mothership members, there is an exciting opportunity for our programming and design students and alumni. The Boys and Girls Club and Washington H.S. have an after school program which involves game development. If you would be interested in teaching classes to high school students about game development including programming and design, you can teach evening classes and be compensated as well. Classes will take place Monday - Friday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. starting this Fall.
This is a great opportunity which could lead to long-term employment. If you're interested post here and we can give you additional details."

I already replied to them and requested more details. This would be such a cool opportunity to do until I get a career down the road. Anything that will get me further into Game Development, and away from the service industry, the better. Plus it's for a good cause! Win Win!

I also got organized today (and still have a little more organizing to do) of all my tasks, updating my calendar, and wedding planning! >.<

Talked with my best friend Chad Myers on the phone for a little while tonight. He is a Artist going to the Art Institute for Game Art and Game Design out in California. If I haven't mentioned it before, it is our dream to one day own our very own Indie Game company in the future. So a little while back we decided to start up our Dev Community and created a private G+ community, set up our Google Drive, and we are even starting our first project. (More details to come from that soon :) ) We figured what's stopping us now from starting the company now. Not saying we have a company name or are even going to be legally official anytime soon. But who is to say we can't start setting everything up now, and start on little side projects until then. Nothing serious, some simple rough Alpha states of game ideas and others. This way we can stay fresh on our skills and get a lot of the Sprint 0 process out of the way so that by the time we are ready to start our company and produce our first game, we have all the legal boring nonsense finished already and can go right into Sprint 1.

Found this image on the internet. It's what Chad and I say to each other all the time. lol

I also have started my bundle that I purchased of coursed from Stack Social.

My first course that I have started is the Game Developer Business & Legal Guide: Run an Indie Studio. So far so good, all though I have only completed 8% of the course. so I can't really judge it too soon. However, what I have learned so far was pretty cool. So far it has been about NDA's, contracts, and problems all creative professionals encounter. I'll keep you guys posted on this as well as I continue my education for all eternity!

Oh, almost forgot. Received an invite to a local meet up event for the Milwaukee and Madison Extra Life Guild! Registered and attending! See you there! Boom! Click on the image below to find out more information about this event if you want to join! I know I can't wait! :) Need to start preparing for my Extra Life Charity event for later this year too!

It's also one of my cat's Birthday! Got an email from the Vet!

Happy Birthday Mishu! lol ... Yes, I'm a dork. 

Now it's back to devin'!

Until next time ... ONWARD!

My other cat April and I hangin' out Devin'

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