How To Delete the Windows.old(1) File

So I ran into another weird issue when I was trying to clean my computer up the other day. I am going to start sharing here on my developers blog and portfolio how I fix them just incase anyone ever runs into the same issue and comes across my page in a search! :)

If you have ever gone into your C:/ drive and notice a folder called "Windows.old(1)" ?

Well apparently I wasn't the only person who came across this issue after having done some Google searches and checked out the Microsoft forums.

The first fix that I came across was to do a Disk Clean Up on your system files for your C:/ drive.

I already had tried that, and that didn't work for me.

But it may work for you so click HERE for the link on how to do that.

What DID work for me however where these step below...

1.) Open up your cmd.exe as Administrator.

2.) Go down to root (C:\)

3.) c:\>rmdir Windows.old(1) /s

and boom, it's gone!

If you want to check out the Microsoft forum I found this in, then click HERE.

Hope this helps someone out there! :)


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