Let's Get Stacked!

So I was looking into a few different places to further my education now that I have graduated with my Programming and Design degree. I wanted to keep my skills fresh to make sure I am ready for any job opportunity thrown at me in the near future.

A buddy of mine had mentioned Stack Social. I had heard of it before, and scene it around over the years. I think because I was in school is why I didn't really look into it until now.

I just recently purchased a bundle of courses and I am totally excited!

The bundle I got was the Hardcore Game Dev Bundle.

It has courses in the following:

- Game Development with Corona SDK with ASO & Ads
- Javascript Programming Mobile Game
- Business and Legal Guide to Running an Indie Studio
- How to build 6 Unity Games from scratch
and so much more!

I will keep you posted here as I learn and progress through these courses!

If you want to check out Stack Social for yourself, click on the image below!

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