Crazy Couple Days & Many ... Many More to Come!

Well I had to skip a day of posting my progress due to being overwhelmingly busy with either bartending, wedding planning, or game development. I had a choice the other day, either post a zombifiyed post cause I was so exhausted, or wait till now when I am a little more rested. Obviously, made the right choice, lol.

Anyway, spent Sunday afternoon today helping a good friend of mine, whose also a groomsmen in my wedding, move into his new place. Needed the exercise anyway, lol. We get along great because we both share the same passions and professionalism for what we love to do. I love game development, he loves Sports Memorabilia. He of course started his own start-up company he run's himself, which is what I want to do eventually, but obviously for what I do. If you ever need some sports memorabilia or other random cool autograph memorabilia, especially baseball, you got to check out Borky's Sports by clicking on his logo below! He's still working on his website, but you should check out his FB page and if you are looking for anything specific, PM him! He's always got the coolest stuff and I have gotten plenty of Father's Day gifts from him.

After my meetings at Raid+ and Bonefish Sunday night, I came home and was in an extreme amount of tooth pain all Monday. Couldn't even barley see straight, let alone dev, and I even called into work as I was suppose to bar close Monday night. Have a broken tooth and no insurance at the moment. Had a root canal scheduled for the 1st of July, but with the wedding, couldn't afford $1200. So I have been trying to hold out till the wedding, but I don't think I am going to make it, lol. I went to Marquette University of Dentistry emergency walk in this morning. Unfortunately they cant help me because I need surgery in order to remove the tooth, and a molar that is growing behind it. Yay ... So I got a referral to a oral surgeon and a prescription to antibiotics. Hopefully I can last a little longer cause Monday sucked ... anyway .... onward!

Besides that I have been working on getting more followers on our Raid+ Social Media outlets as well as some behind the scenes social media profile updating, updating accounts, as well as collaborating for this Dev Event that we are trying to have soon. Designed a Marketing flyer for Social Media and to print out for the event, and collaborated at this past Raid+ meeting with my team. 

And guess what ...

I officially picked up my 1st ever game development check! It's not like going to make me quit my bartending job or anything yet, but it's something at least. Sky's the limit from here however, and there's always opportunity to make more! :) It's a step forward in the right direction for my career and I am happy to be apart of the Raid+ family! :)

Better believed I framed that ! BOOM ... mic drop. Couldn't be happier!

Lot's of fun stuff coming up! Working on updating all our social sites, including starting some new ones like SnapChat and more! Website is being worked on at the moment, and we will make a big post when it's ready! :) Feel free to follow us, like us, and more at the links below! 

Follow us on Snapchat!

As you can see, Snapchat only let you take pictures for your Snapchat profile in a certain direction, hints the backwards logo. So all I did was revert the image on my computer and took another picture of the logo. :) They both work either way.

So besides that, I've been totally busy wedding planning. Of course, if anything could go wrong has gone wrong. Why wouldn't it right? Weddings are stress free right? NOT .... >.< Wedding planning is a major head ache, and I can't wait for that stress to be lifted off my future wife and I's shoulders. Always moving forward ... always.

You may have noticed in the picture above I got a new hat ! .... You know when you marrying the right person, and they come home from shopping for their bachelor-ette party, and buy you this AWESOME hat. Deff going to rock this! \m/ >.< \m/ Thx babe!

Time to get back to work and dev' all night! Till next time!

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