Goodbye TS and Ventrilo! Hello Discord!

So I wanted to give you guys this update a while ago, and realized I never did.

A while back I had set up a Teamspeak server, as I enjoyed it much more than Ventrilo, as you could have up to 30 people on your channel for free with Teamspeak compared to Ventrilo's 8.

While I was working at Forever Interactive a few months back, one of the developers had mentioned Discord. We checked it out and starting using it at FI. I fell in LOVE with it!

Now I even convinced Raid+, who was originally using and paying for Ventrilo, to move over to Discord too!

It truly is without a doubt the best FREE real-time chat software out there on the market. Even if you are not a gamer, and need a server to connect to people with, Discord is still the answer for you.

The computer version is second to none, bringing you a 2016 version of Ventrilo/Teamspeak, which look like they still have a AIM 1999 GUI.

The phone app is a billion times better than any TS or Vent phone app i have ever used, and no matter where I am at or need to be, I don't need to ever worry about missing a meeting just because I cant be in front of the computer.

Although there isn't a face-time or screen-share feature yet, as they are still developing the product, I guarantee you will see many cool features like those to come!

If you are a gamer, developer, or a business who is looking for a great FREE server software to run your online meetings in, Discord is a 100% must have.

Click on the image below to take you to their website and find out for yourself. Just don't take it from me. The product sells itself. You'll see! :) Enjoy!

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