Time for that Update

Well! It's been quite the adventure the last couple weeks since I last posted, so here come the long slew of updates I've been waiting to post!

So since my wedding, I have put in over 200 applications for a variety of gaming and tech companies. At the moment, I am currently in the process of 4 different potential possibilities as I work through the interview processes. Like I mentioned in my last post, I don't want to go out and start talking about whom just yet because I don't want to jinx anything. I have taken a Unity3D test for 1 of the companies and am working through the initial interview processes at the others. I also had lunch with a local technical recruiter which went rather well. He gave me a C# test to take, and I am going to try my best this week to get it done. (Brother-In-Laws wedding is this week, so I have tons of family in town) I have met a lot of great people over the years and acquired a lot of great contacts. I know I will eventually land a job somewhere, but having put in 100's of applications already, you can say that I am little excited. :)

So besides that, things at Raid+ are moving steadily along! Our 1st event for the Local MKE Game Developers Night went off rather well! There was actually a better turnout than expected for this 1st event, as it's pretty common for your 1st or 2nd event to be a little slow. The developers and the local gamers who were there had a blast playing all the different games!  One of the developers was even showing off the HTC Vive, which always attracts attention. I also set up a LIVE Twitch stream during the event to also try and bring some attention to this. You can also check out those videos on our Raid+ Twitch page OR on our Raid+ YouTube Channel. I broke the event up into 9x 30-minute videos. I put up 2 down below, one leading to YouTube and the other to our Twitch page. We will be working on getting a better camera for the stream for the upcoming events.

 Watch live video from on www.twitch.tv

Here are some pictures were taken during the event!

I have been working pretty hard at getting things set up for the remaining events if the year with the 42 Ale House, along with getting our company Linked-IN profile up and keeping up with social media marketing. Check out the flyer I designed below for the remaining events for the rest of the year! You can click on it to take you to our Official Facebook Group for the Local MKE Game Developers for more information and to keep up to date on the event.

We are setting this event up for the community to get the chance to hang out with local developers to play homegrown upcoming and unreleased titles! This is a monthly meetup started up with the combined efforts of the 42 Ale House and the company I work for, Raid+ Interactive. Milwaukee has a lot to offer in this space, and as a city that is fiercely loyal to the idea of supporting local arts and businesses, it is imperative for all of us to get involved with our local communities and businesses. We are confident that these events will have a positive impact not only on our relationships with the community but on the relationships between all the local Milwaukee area developers as well. Share the event, tell your friends and spread the word! :)

I also spent some time cleaning up and updating our YouTube page for Raid+. We have a bunch of new Let's Play videos we have uploaded!  Posted a couple of the videos below. I just set up the Social Media Calander, and will be streaming LIVE every Tuesday from here on out! I need to get a consistent time and day that I will stream, and Tuesday's are going to work the best for me. I will make sure to post an update here once I get my stream all set up for this next Tuesdays event! For now, go check out our YouTube page for all the videos and also don't forget to subscribe to us! :)

As we were in a meeting at our Lead Programmer's house, I found this really weird puzzle game. So we decided to be a little goofy and made a Let's Play video of it! This is one hard puzzle, even with the cheat sheet! LOL

My CEO at Raid+, Noah Hildebrandt, made a Let's Play on one of his favorite games, StarTropics. Check out the video below, and head over to our Raid+ YouTube page to watch the rest!

Our CEO also was finally able to get our domain problems resolved and we officially have our website back. For now, we have a "Construction" image up, but we are working hard to get a website together. I will keep you posted on when our website is finally up and is LIVE!

Here are some screenshots on the progress of our Alpha build for our upcoming Heist style game. Our team has been working hard to get a demo working for people to play at the next game developers night. As soon as I get all of the marketing under control and at a good place, I will be taking on some programming tasks. Enjoy these pictures for now, and I will keep you updated on this of course! 

So after the 1st couple weeks of posting out my Extra Life charity event for this year, I am already nearly half way to my goal! I have also gone to MATC and a few local stores and put up some flyers to try and get people to join my team this year. I really don't understand why any of my local gamer friends wouldn't want to do it. It's a great resume piece and you get to have a legitimate excuse to play video games for 24 hours by raising money for the Children's Hospital. 

Here is an update on my goal and a flyer I had made to try and get people to sign up for my team.

On Wednesday I will also be attending an event out in Madison. It's for the Madison Games Alliance. I have always wanted to go to one of their meet-ups, but I always had something else going on. I am really excited for this event as the guest speaker is Keith Fuller! Looking forward to networking and meeting some local Madison developers! I will give you an update and some pictures from the event later this week! The image below explains the event but click on it to take you to their website for more information.

Other than that, having all these interviews lately has made me realize that I REALLY need to start digging deeper into the Unity3D engine and keep improving my skills. I am currently on an online course with Stack Social completing a series that teaches you how to make 6x - C# Unity3D games. I need to start looking into getting a Unity3D, Scrum Master, and Product Owner certifications.

Well, that is basically the update for now on good ole' BrewCityGamer! Thank you for following and stay tuned in for more exciting updates later this week! It's going to be a busy week and an even busier weekend! Who know's who might call me back this week for a job! >.<

Until next time ....

Happy Devin' !!!

\m/ >.< \m/

(Wife snuck a Snapchat of April and I hard at work.)

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