Going to CA to Become a CA

Well GDC is just about a month away!

After being accepted as a Conference Associate at this year's GDC, I had to go through a series of paperwork and a training course. I have officially completed the Employment Paperwork portion and I am now officially a CA! Currently, I have everything else accomplished as well and I am awaiting the Online Training Course. After that, I get to submit a few work preferences, and boom I am officially completed with all my CA task's until the Orientation before the conference. Last time I mentioned I purchased my planes ticket. Since then, I have also purchased my Hotel as well. With those two being the most expensive expense for this trip, I am actually surprised of how great of a deal I got. So far my budgeting plan for this trip is working out!

Also, I just want to say, how AMAZING all the other CA's are! Everyone is extremely nice, helpful, and truly passionate about being a CA. It's honestly a bit overwhelming at first. I find myself struggling to keep up with all the wonderful information and helpful tips everyone is posting on the social community for us. They make it really easy for 1st timers, like me, to prepare for GDC and so that you have a great experience. Conference Associates are truly a close nitch family. I am beyond grateful and honored to be a part of this. I know I have said that a million times already, but it truly is still just absolutely mind-blowing to me. That feeling you get when you know all that hard work you have been putting in is starting to pay off, it is an incredible feeling.

I already ordered a TON of business cards! Check them out! (Blurred out my phone # here, it doesn't look like that in real life, lol) I have also updated my Linked-IN, social media profiles, and my basic resume with my new CA position.


Besides that I have been having weekly conversations with my best friend, trying to collaborate and coordinate out our trip. I have been networking like CRAZY on Linked-IN and will be applying to a lot of the companies who will be attending GDC before the event. I already have a handful of meetings set up as well as some industry friends who I will be meeting up with. 

As far as my interview(s) update, I am still talking with a handful of companies, recruiters and was recently contacted about a possible job at Netmarble. Sounds like a pretty cool opportunity and it's actually right near where I used to live in California so this could be interesting. Some of my interviews have been on-going on since October. If I could give anyone any advice looking to get a job that they want in this industry, be patient and live near where you want to work. I have lost a handful of positions already to other local candidates. Regardless of how willing I am to move and my experience of living in over 7 different states, companies like to hire locally. Even if you are willing to pay for the move yourself. Now, from a business perspective, I completely understand and respect this. Which is why I haven't let it discourage me at all from continuing my conquest! Whichever wonderful company offers me my first opportunity will be hiring their best employee they have ever hired. I can promise you that. Why do I know this? Because whoever does, will be offering me a chance to never EVER have to serve or bartend EVER again. I can finally focus on 1 job, stop wasting my time in the service industry, focus on my career and family. I will be THE happiest person in the universe when that day comes. 

I have had many phone call interviews, emails, and Linked-IN conversations with many wonderful companies since last year. It has proven to be a great experience for me, however, still no official offer yet. That's why, February 2017, is going to be the month that I obtain a career. This is why GDC is so HUGE for me personally. All this interview experience will prove to be invaluable during the conference. Trust me when I say this, as I have mentioned before, if for some reason if I still haven't obtained a career by May, the Wife and I will more than likely be moving to somewhere that will help with my odds. I really want to have to avoid that at all cost's. lol! There is still ton's of more planning I need to accomplish in order to make this trip successful. This is seriously going to be one amazing experience I know that I will never forget! 

I will, of course, continue to post updates here as the time counts down to GDC!

\m/ >.< \m/

Game on! 

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