MWGC 2017 is Right Around the Corner!

So as we all know how excited I am about GDC 2017! Well, the Midwest Gaming Classic is also just around the corner in April! Although, I am hopeful that I am lucky enough to obtain a career opportunity at GDC, if I am still in Milwaukee in April, I will be attending and helping run the Indie Developer area. This will be my 4th year helping and running a booth at this event! So in the meantime I am still continuing to help put things together for this event with a contact mine. I will be helping promote is on social media, relaying information to the our dev's and the other's, making sure everyone is on the same page. The MWGC usually gives us about 3 rooms to show off local games in for the event. I have already contacted and signed up Raid+ along with my other local developers. We have a list going, which is already basically full, and we are working on making sure there will be enough room for everyone signed up. This event has proven to be a highlight of man local indie developers from the Milwaukee and Madison area over the years. It is always a great time networking, playing homegrown games, and seeing the community enjoying playing these games.

Raid+ is going to be working as hard as possible until then to get a nice working prototype of our upcoming game for people to test out. With that being said, I need to really start focusing, but it's not like I am not trying. Trying to find a job, working a job, GDC prepping, spending time with the Wife, and Raid+ is more than enough on my plate right now. I just need to take a step back, re-gather my thoughts and plan of attack, and make this week one extremely productive week!

There will be a lot of veterans from the industry attending like Ed Fries who helped with the creation of the first Xbox. They are even bringing back the Nintendo PlayStation prototype they had displayed last year for some lucky people to actually play. Which is a pretty cool party of the Video Game history is you are into that. Other than that, if you are into retro gaming, video games, pinball games, VR, card and board games, and more, then you must come to the Midwest Gaming Classic! I always have an incredible time every year I go!

Check out the Facebook event by clicking HERE or below is a flyer that the MWGC provided to help promote the event! It will take you to the website to find out all about this amazing event! Great for the whole family! Buy your tickets today!

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