Playing with Scriptable Objects

We have been a little quite at Raid+ lately, but only because everyone is working on figuring out a lot of important information before we proceed. Like our Art Pipeline with using Spine 2D, getting our Multiplayer network up and running, and what I have been working on, Prefab overwriting. So I have been working doing a research spike on the most efficient way of Character Selection and Weapon selection prefab loading from one scene into another. Started experimenting with Scriptable Objects and so far it's been very useful! SO's are basically data container's that don't need to be attached to a GameObject in the scene. By doing so, you can use Assets to serialize and instantiate objects into your scene.

Unity3D has some great videos which will explain what I am talking about! Check them out if you are unfamiliar with Scriptable Objects. May find some good use for them for your own games! :)