GDC 2018 Wrap Up

I'm a little late to the game, but for my portfolio, I wanted to update my 2018 GDC experience! This one won't be a long as my 1st GDC wrap up in 2017, as I have waited for way to long to type this up.

As always it was an AMAZING experience and it was such a great feeling coming back to the convention as an Industry Professional this time! Since last year's GDC was all about finding an opportunity and interviews, this year was all about helping others, hanging my dev family, and growing my network!

I can tell you. it's a completely different experience when you're not running around trying to make it on time to your interviews. Being able to sit back and enjoy the experience was amazing. Not only that, being able to give people advice and tips on how to break into the industry was really cool. It's a little weird giving people advice considering I'm still so early in my career, but it felt really good to help others this year. I even helped out someone from my College back in Milwaukee who came out this year!

It was wonderful to see so many Telltale faces and all my CA friends from last year. My best friend, whom I also got a job at Telltale a few months later, also was accepted as a Conference Associate this year! This was great for him because he literally just graduated the week before GDC. So not only was I focused on helping others, I wanted to help my homie on networking with the right people.

It was always great seeing everyone from across the industry and my friends from across the globe! That's what makes GDC so great. We as developers are always SO busy throughout the year with life and our projects at work. This convention is a great way to kick back and relax with like-minded folks for an entire week! Ah, I love GDC! Already can't wait for next year!

These are the sessions that I worked this year! What a great lineup of speakers I got to work with!

Please enjoy all these photos and videos of my GDC 2018 experience!

See you next year!


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