Virtually Speaking at GDC 2021!

I'm proud to announce that I have been offered an opportunity to join my 1st GDC panel!

I am BEYOND excited about this, as it's always been on my bucket list! 

It's an incredible opportunity to share my experiences with an amazing panel of developers from around the world!

This will be great practice for me for when I am able to do an in-person talk by myself one day! :)

Check out all these details below!

Here is my OFFICIAL speaker page on the GDC website!

Here is all the information on our panel this year:

Check out this amazing Blog Post done by GDC themselves, hyping up our panel!

That's us !!! ^^^ :)

I'm not the only Cryptic Studios employee talking at GDC 2021! :O

So awesome to see the representation of our studio at this year's GDC!

Check out Brent Haley's (Technical Director) and Brett Norton's (Design Director) talks as well!

See you all at the Game Developers Conference "virtually 2021!

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